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To change the way people share and reward knowledge and information, we present the Token of Expertise (TOE). With the introduction of this blockchain solution, our aim is to make expertise more accessible, reliable and cheaper.

Rating of Experts

Trust is an essential ingredient of expertise. Without trust there is no efficient transfer of knowledge and expertise, because the receiver of information will not take it for granted. That is why the Token of Expertise will be used simultaneously as a utility token and a system to measure trustworthiness of experts, using deep knowledge about reputation management from its founders.

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Up to EUR 500.000 Developing a mobile MVP

Up to EUR 10.000.000 Version 2 of the app, multilingual

Up to EUR 5.000.000 Full version of the app in native iOS and Android


In order to avoid abuse, the Expert App will be fair and transparent. The following definitions are being used:

FAIR = A price, level of service, and communication matching the user's expectation.

TRANSPARENT = The client knows what he/she needs to know about the expert, like field of expertise, availability and verified rating of the expert.

Blockchain technique will be used for transparent measurement of tokens received and spent.


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